Liam Campbell

Liam Campbell¬†is a prolific wine writer/critic, journalist and judge working with many titles including The Dubliner Magazine and is a member of the Irish Guild of Sommeliers since September 2003. Liam has also aided in the implimentation of many other courses across the country and follows the WSET guidelines to a ‘T’, leaving nothing to spare. His reveared and much envied knowledge is second to none and gives The Wine School a very personal touch, with hands-on experience of specific vineyards, processes and regional descriptions that can only come from first-hand knowledge in the field. Liam leaves no stone unturned and has a wealth of knowledge and passion that conveys easily to our students. Be warned! – You’re in for a long evening of tasting when Liam’s around!

Dale Gatcum

Dale Gatcuum has been a Lecturer on wine for the past 20 years. He is WSET Recommended and holder of the George O’Malley Tasting Cup. When not lecuturing on wine Dale is a Sales Manager with the Mendocino Wine Company where he is responsible for the European, North African and Middle East market.